Towards The Next Level.

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Leveraging exponential mindset (long before it became cool), to ramp up the future potential of mankind.

AI Practitioner — Machine Learning algorithms, models, solutions, pipelines, enterprise-grade production deployments.
Founder — Of the #1 fastest growing technology company on my domestic market (Enterprise SaaS).
Coder & Builder — From deep generative Autoencoders to Backward-chaining theorem provers, from low-level C to DevOps at scale, etc. etc.
Thinker — I strive to simplify by connecting the dots, frantically re-framing our models of reality, keeping up with the state of bleeding edge tech, identifying the opportunities.


Recent Projects

Machine Learning PhD (2018-2020)

Generative deep neural network models (published in NeurIPS 2020, AAAI-2021, etc.)

Dream Broker (2007-2017)

Dream Broker is an online video software company with over 150 employees in Europe (2020). In 2012, it was ranked the #1 fastest-growing tech company in Finland (Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland). I served as co-founder, the original CTO and chairman of the Board, and later led disruptive R&D projects.

Model Zero

A first-principles derivation of a minimalistic conceptual framework that presents the enhancement of humans by technology as a natural downstream application of normative pragmatic epistemology.
“Everyone should read and understand this book.” -Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET

GenMind AI Solutions (2005-)

Consultation projects in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, from research and proof-of-concept development to deployments.